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Be Among First Users Of VentOut

These are times of problems, disturbed relationships, stress. We worry too much and easily surrender to negative emotions. Get ready to move forward. VentOut is an upcoming app where everyone is free to express their frustrations and get relief. AI voice assistant, real-life scenarios, and human insights will help you deal with difficulties to find peace of mind. Using our latest technology and personal input, you will regain confidence in both your relationships and yourself.

Keep Calm Just vent out

Together, we will face private struggles, no matter big or small. We will reflect deeply on relationships with your parents, friends, and loved ones. But how does the platform work?

Ventout is your friend who is always there for you

VentOut is a new application for personal reflection and meditation. Think of it as a friend or a partner who is always available to discuss your concerns and make you feel better.

Our service is a digital relief for modern people. Users can examine different scenarios related to their particular situation or create a custom one using the platform’s AI. To better understand users, the system will provide them a list of suggestions and options to describe the subject of frustration.

Why choosing our app

Sometimes you feel alone. It seems that there is no one to talk to, or there is no point in talking at all. We know that feeling. That’s why we have created VentOut. The app responds to emotional insecurity, miscommunication, and low self-esteem that many people suffer from today.

Here is an invitation to a place where you can let all frustrations go. By exploring problems, actions, and solutions, we hope to inspire you to better bonds with your loved ones.

How it works?

Sign in

Using email, Facebook, Twitter or Google account

Pick a scenario

( or create a new one )

Choose from existing scenarios, or create a custom scenario by answering a few questions

Start the session

During the session, you will be able to vent out as much as you want. Free your head, your mind and gain some relief.

Latest Features

Cutting-edge technology and dedicated staff members guarantee your good time whenever you play a default scenario (session). When logged in, you can access your past sessions and stats, as well as scenarios library, categorization lists, and useful resources. To start, you can sign up with email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

  • Onboarding tutorial
  • Profile page with personal stats
  • Introduction for beginners
  • Scenarios library with Search options
  • User-friendly design
  • Premium service option with a real counselor

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Just by providing your (e-mail), so you’re
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