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How to have a happy family: 4 foolproof living tips

How to have a happy family: 4 foolproof living tips

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Living with a family is complicated. It demands a daily exercise of tolerance and understanding, especially when family members have habits and customs different from yours. Fights and differences of opinion may occur, but at any time, respect should always prevail. This, fundamentally, is the best answer for anyone who wants to know how to have a happy family: respect.

Elderly people tend to be more conservative and resilient, precisely because they have lived most of their lives at another time, and, therefore, they may have difficulty adapting to the solutions we find for certain situations.

Therefore, today we want to propose that you take the first step towards a healthier and more harmonious relationship with your family. And to help you on this mission, we’ve put together four tips on how to have a happy family.


How to have a happy family: 4 foolproof living tips

All people are different from others, even if they grew up in the same environment and under the same influences. In the case of older people, this difference is even greater.

Empathy suggests that, in any situation, you have the ability to put yourself in the other’s shoes – whether by realizing an attitude you don’t agree with, when they have to reach a consensus or when the situation calls for a difficult decision.

Try to imagine what the other person would do in a given situation, understand the reasons that led him to take such an attitude, and try to understand him in a general way. Believe me: empathy can avoid many conflicts.


How to have a happy family: 4 foolproof living tips

Did you know that most discussions happen due to a lack of dialogue?

People often keep their feelings and hope that others will understand them. It is necessary to express what you feel and also be willing to listen to others.

If necessary, call periodic meetings with family members and make sure that everyone has the opportunity to speak up. The opinion of all members of the family should be considered, especially if the moment calls for a solution for the general good or if the children need to make a decision about the parents – take them to live with you, to a long-term institution or leaving them in their own home, for example.

Activities together

How to have a happy family: 4 foolproof living tips

Promote moments and activities that strengthen family ties, in order to encourage integration and complicity for all.

Check out some ideas for group activities to do with the family:

  • Take a poll and find a place where everyone would like to travel. Then, rent a van or bus and have a great ride;
  • Offer a dinner to celebrate a birthday, a promotion, a graduation, or simply to toast to life;
  • Organize a surprise party and ask for the collaboration of all the guests;
  • Invite the family to a movie session at home, including popcorn;
  • Invite everyone to a fun game, like Image & Action, Treasure Hunt, board games, playing cards, etc.

Elderly care

How to have a happy family: 4 foolproof living tips

Elderly people are often neglected in the family environment and feel lonely even when surrounded by people. For the family to remain united and happy, everyone must be engaged in offering affection and care to the elderly.

Try to offer support in situations where the elderly person has difficulty, but, in general, do not limit their autonomy. Allow them to remain active.

With these tips of living together, you will certainly have very pleasant moments with those you love and already know how to have a happy family!

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