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7 tips for having a happy marriage after having a child

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I see many couples who end up somehow distancing themselves after the relationship falls into the rut. After having children, the responsibility grows, and it seems that all the attention turns to the child. And this is supernormal, which parents do not want to do their best for their child, right? We are so concerned with the future of the little ones that we even forget to take care of our lives. Thinking about this subject, I felt comfortable sharing with you, my readers, 7 tips for having a happy marriage after having a child. These are very quick tips for you to reflect on and if you like some, put them into practice today!

1 – Enjoy every moment to be together

Stay close to each other in the moments you can, after you have a child, every minute is very precious in the couple’s life. Whenever possible, sit together, exchange affection, smile, be kind. It’s the little things that make a difference in our daily lives.

2 – The distance

When they are far from each other, send a message to your love saying a simple “I love you,” “I miss you,” “I’m making your favorite dish for dinner.” This will further strengthen the connection between the two of you.

3 – Couple only night for a happy marriage

Take at least once a month, or every 2 weeks, a day just for the two of you, it can be a romantic dinner at home or on the street, leave the children at the house of grandparents, uncles, etc. And enjoy this moment for two, as if you were dating and have a lot of laughs, go hand in hand, embrace, kiss with lots of love!

4 – No discussions when you go to sleep!

This time is for you to relax, get ready for a good night’s sleep. Take advantage of the short time to have a nice chat about how your day was, share how your little one is developing, a moment before rest so that the couple can sleep happily and wake up refreshed and willing.

5 – We are not perfect

Whenever you feel like you’ve stepped on the ball, don’t hesitate to apologize and forgive too. Sorrow is the worst feeling and sickens the soul.

6 – Trust and respect are fundamental

Maintaining respect within the relationship is the key to harmonious and happy coexistence. Always trust your love if you never gave him a reason to distrust him.

7 – The most important of all the tips above

I still strongly believe in the strength of the dialogue. From the beginning, the couple has to create a habit of talking, exposing their feelings, what they like, dislike, and align themselves, walking in the same direction. Never forget to praise, the couple needs to admire themselves! Whenever you can, praise the smile, haircut, fair beard etc.

So, girls, what did you think of the tips, do you follow some of these? Write to me in the comments about what you thought was most important for a happy marriage, OK?

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