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How do I know if I have to break up with my partner?

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It is clear that a relationship can go through good and bad moments, but to come to recognize when your partner no longer causes you anything, it is too important, and that is why today we will talk about whether I should break up with my partner or not.

Because there are certain signs that you should interpret in your relationship, which can give you an idea about whether things are working or not, and if the relationship is not the same as before, then considering the idea of ending the relationship may be something possible.

But if you cannot know if you still love your partner or not, in this article, I will mention several things that you should consider, and only then will you be able to know if you really have the relationship you are looking for or not.

Let us begin.

They no longer spend time together

One of the signs that can give us an idea of ​​how good or bad things are between the two is the simple fact that so much time is spent together, because if things between the two have reached a point where they no longer speak as before, it is because the interest has died between the two.

Or things can get even more complicated, because if they only talk on social networks and they can spend several days without seeing each other, this can also say a lot about the relationship, because if the interest in knowing about your partner or spending time with your partner already It is not the same, it is because the relationship is no longer the same.

Certain things about your partner bother you

They say that love can cut us off when we are in love, and the defects of our partner can be great virtues, but if lately certain things about your partner bother you, and you get to wonder why you have tolerated so much from your partner, this is another sign.

Because when you start to see negative things in your partner, it is because the effect of falling in love has worn off, and now that you no longer feel a great attraction for your partner, you can see the person he really is.

This data may dream of complete madness, but it can happen.

You are interested in another person

When you are really in love with a person, the possibility of falling in love with another person may actually be nil, because for now, your heart will be shielded, and it can only belong to your partner.

But when you start to feel something for someone else, be it a person from college work and that person makes you interesting, it is because what you feel for your partner, for now, is not as strong as you think.

And when you doubt how you feel about your partner, it is because the relationship is going through a bad time, or you simply stopped loving your partner, that simple.

It no longer attracts you physically

Intimacy in a relationship is the second most important thing fora relationship to stay alive, but when intimacy in the relationship begins to disappear or is very scarce, it is because one of the two no longer feels the same physical attraction of before, and that is why intimacy is not so frequent anymore.

And this is another fact that you may come to notice in your relationship, because if intimacy has been decreasing in your relationship, or simply your partner no longer attracts you physically as before, it is because the emotions you feel towards your partner have changed lately.

They argue all the time

Arguments in a relationship can be another symptom that says that the relationship no longer works, and if the arguments have been very frequent in recent months, or if they only argue over absurd things, this happens because both are not on the same page.

And if by now the chemistry is not the same as before, it is normal that the arguments result from the lack of communication in the relationship.

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