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There Is No Age to Find Love. True or False?

no age to find love

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There is no age to find love. The belief that love is only for certain types of people makes us take a step back and feel that we can no longer get love if we are 30, 40, or 70 years old. To find love, there is no age.

There Is No Age to Find Love, but There Is an Inner Work

No Age To Find Love

The inner work depends on each person, it is your duty to find your own love. Age is an unimportant point, what really matters is internal work. The point is not that all the men out there are already busy. Do you know how many people are in this world? A lot, actually. The problem with finding love is that we look for it outside.

You Can't Expect People to Meet Your Emotional Needs

emotional people

This has been a recurring mistake in my recent relationships. Although I am quite an independent girl, there are seasons where my self-esteem falters. So I start to become that toxic girl who seeks attention in every possible way. I try to make my partners become what I want from them, without first having become that person worthy of love.

If You Are Looking for Love, First Become That Person With Whom You Would Fall in Love.

fall in love

Sometimes we think of a certain number of characteristics that we would like that person to have. Then we find someone with those characteristics, and suddenly we want him to act as we want and dear that is not love. It’s called codependency, you look outside for what you don’t have in your person. Think first about what version of yourself you would fall in love with, and then start building it.

Build Yourself, and It Doesn't End There

build yourself

Sometimes they write to me asking for love advice, and I help them, of course. I can give you advice and write you step by step about what you should do. But the reality is that many think it is a series of steps to achieve a goal (a couple), which is why today I want to open your eyes. In this life, nothing ends, it is transformed into new opportunities.

You cannot work on yourself to get a partner, and when you get it, you think, “I did it, that’s all!”. I’m sorry that the series of steps that you were told all your life that led to an end didn’t actually work that well. I’m sorry that you still can’t fall in love with your life.

But When You Decide to Stop Trying With All Your Might to Get a Partner or Get Back With Your Ex, or Like That Person.

I hope you start thinking about how to like yourself. I hope you think about the challenges you are looking to achieve or achieve and stop believing that love has an age. The problem has never been your age, if not the approach you give to love relationships. It’s funny because sometimes we want a love relationship, and when we have it, we stop wanting to grow. Or you are one of those who says, “I’m fine alone,” while at night you go into bed wishing someone would send you a good night message.

Wishing for love is not bad, but you must understand that it comes easily. It’s easy, it’s ageless, it’s delicious, and it starts with loving yourself. Be that person you would fall in love with.

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