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8 Signs That You Are in a Toxic Relationship and Don’t Want to Admit It (They Are Very Common)

toxic relationship

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Did you become a more isolated and even sad person after getting involved in a relationship? Have your friends or family told you that your attitudes have changed since you started dating, and you still don’t know why?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it may be an indication that you are in a toxic relationship, but you are reluctant to admit it.

Signs of a Toxic Relationship

#1. Excuses for Everything

You have become an expert at making excuses for your sad moments. You are always looking for reasons (sometimes nonexistent) to justify fights and disagreements in the relationship, as well as a rational explanation for your unhappiness.

No matter how much damage the other person does to you, they will never be to blame for your sadness (even if they are).

#2. Deaf Ears

deaf ears

You ignore your friends and family’s advice and precautions regarding your physical, psychological, and moral integrity.

There are even times when you think their criticisms are born out of envy and anger.

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#3. Stress


All relationships have ups and downs and bad spells, but sticking with the (increasingly rare) good times and ignoring the signs of long periods of stress and frustration indicates that both of you are denying your problems.

Does it make you happy for a day or two and then hurt you for the rest of the week? Friend, realize.

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#4. Jealousy and Distrust

jealousy and distrust

You try to believe that arguments and episodes of jealousy and mistrust are synonymous with love and care, when in reality, they are an attempt at control and manipulation.

#5. You Are Someone Else

fight hard with partner

You fight so hard for your partner to be successful that you end up becoming a different person just to please him. In addition to this, it is common for you to cancel your plans, modify your true personality, and distance yourself from the people you love.

The truth is that, possibly, both are having difficulty admitting that they are not the ideal couple (and they are far from it).

#6. You Feel Lonely

When you go out with your friends, you feel happy, fun, and full, but at home, with your partner, you feel ignored and even uncomfortable with the silence that dominates the environment.

If you find that you are more cheerful and confident when you are not around your partner, it is very likely that something is wrong in your relationship.

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#7. It's All Your Fault

You constantly feel guilty and believe that your relationship’s failures are your responsibility and that, inevitably, you are the only one who must bear the consequences and adopt behaviors that improve your coexistence, without thinking that your partner is also part of the problem.

#8. There Is No Other Way Out

No Other Way Out​

Finally, you may be in a toxic relationship and have a hard time admitting it because you think you have no other choice in life.

You accepted their failures, you began to feel comfortable with the situation, and you found a way to cope with your union without having to leave your comfort zone. Does it sound familiar to you?

If you identify with one or more of these signs, it is time for you to evaluate your love life and consider if it is worth being with someone who does not appreciate you and plays with your emotions.

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